Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I get support for xGiveaways?

We have a support server which you can join by doing click here, in case you need help with the bot or its commands.

How can I invite xGiveaways to my servers?

On the left side of this page you will find a section with direct links related to xGiveaways, among them you will find the invitation link, or you can also do click here.

Why xGiveaways isn't working as expected?

First of all, check that you have the Manage messages permission or the giveaway role, in order to use setup and giveaway commands, and that xGiveaways has the required permissions to create and manage giveaways, in case this problem persists, check if xGiveaways is offline. If none of the above descriptions do not fit your problem, join our support server for help.

What permission is required to use the commands?

In order to use commands related with bot's setup (setlang, setprefix y setrole) and manage giveaways (start, reroll y end) you must have Manage messages permission or the role defined by the setrole command.

How can I use xGiveaways without giving it administrator permissions?

xGiveaways must have the following permissions to work properly on any of the channels to which it has access.
  • View channels
  • Send messages
  • Manage messages
  • Embed links
  • Read message history
  • Use external emojis
  • Add reactions

Is it possible to suggest new functions or commands?

In our support server we have a section where you can make suggestions for new features or commands if you wish.
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